Jost Kobusch am Mount Everest

Jost Kobusch beendet seine Expedition

Jost hat seine Expedition nach gut 2 Monaten mit einem Teilerfolg beendet. Zwar erlaubten ihm die Bedingungen am Berg nicht den Gipfel zu erklimmen, jedoch hat er den höchsten Punkt am Westgrat mit 7300 m erreicht.

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Jost Kobusch Mount Everest

Livetracking at Mount Everest

The 27-year-old German extreme mountaineer Jost Kobusch wants to try something this winter that no one has done before. Jost wants to climb Mount Everest solo, without artificial oxygen and in winter. 3D RealityMaps accompanies him live with his project.

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Orientierung mit der 3D Outdoor Guides App

On tour with the 3D Outdoor Guides App

Our colleagues Hannes and Florian were together with a television team of SAT.1 Bayern with the 3D Outdoor Guides App on tour to the Alpspitze. The short clip introduces you to the hiking app that makes hiking in the mountains safer!

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Gletscherschwund im Ötztal

Glacier retreat in the Ötztal

That climate change has drastic effects on alpine glaciers is well known. An animation illustrates the frighteningly strong glacial decline in the Ötztal. When comparing 3D models from the years 2009, 2015 and 2018, drastic length and volume losses are apparent.

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Mount Everest Südroute

Mount Everest in 3D

The tour season on Mount Everest begins and hundreds of mountaineers will once again try to climb the top of the world this year. The video shows you the normal route from the south - starting from the Nepalese Lukla to Basecamp and over the south route to the summit at 8848 m.

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Mount Everest Jost Kobusch

Mount Everest on the HTC Vive

Experience Mount Everest in virtual reality with the HTC Vive in 3D - 3D RealityMaps make it happen! Jost Kobusch, one of the most famous solo extreme mountaineers in Germany, was a guest at our headquarters office in Munich and sees great potential in the 3D applications for mountaineering.

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