Photo-realistic 3D aerial map of the Alps

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3D tour planner and app for perfect orientation

Du liebst die Alpen und suchst einen Tourenplaner, der bessere, leicht verständliche Karten bietet? Du bist mit dem Smartphone unterwegs und möchtest nicht die Orientierung verlieren?

Dann ist die RealityMaps App das perfekte Tool für dich. Du bist besser vorbereitet unterwegs – die weltweit einzigartige, fotorealistische 3D-Darstellung der Bergwelt erlaubt eine intuitive,
realistische Einschätzung des Geländes bei der Planung und Vorbereitung. Unterwegs in den Bergen bietet dir die RealityMaps App ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit bei der Orientierung und Navigation. 


Wähle aus mehr als 5.000 qualitätsgeprüften Wander-, Berg und Biketouren des Bergverlag Rother und anderer Partner und teile deine aufgezeichneten Touren mit deinen Freunden.


Find your perfect adventure in our extensive database

Route planner & interactive 3D map

Experience the Alps like never before

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Hiking, mountaineering, climbing or exploring the landscape of the Alps on a mountain bike. Get inspired! With over 5,000 routes there is an adventure for everyone. No matter whether you prefer a bike tour through cool forests, past mountain lakes or the untouched nature in the high mountains, with the photo-realistic 3D map you will find the perfect route for you. All routes have been put together by mountain experts and provide all the information relevant to reliable planning. 


You choose routes individually based on your skills and experience. The photo-realistic map helps you to find the best one. There are extensive day tours as well as short, relaxing trips. For this purpose, we have digitized almost 100 tour guides from Bergverlag Rother and recorded many routes in well-known holiday regions in the Bavarian Alps, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

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RealityMaps App

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Over 5,000 quality-checked routes

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RealityMaps - the reality in maps

Bergtour Watzmann Handy

Outdoors nature with its pristine nature and wonderful views should be in the foreground. You can leave the orientation and the choice of the right path to our award-winning app in these moments. With it's simple navigation tools, a unique, photo-realistic 3D map and a brand new hill shaded topographic map, it offers you the necessary security on your way.


The mountains are shown in excellent aerial photos and the resulting 3D map allows you unique insights into the trail and the terrain of your next adventure. If you follow the marked route with the help of GPS tracking, then you cannot get lost. Your current position is shown in the real landscape of the map, so that you never lose orientation. The photo-realistic map shows you the path ahead and potential objective dangers. 


Even in bad weather such as fog or at night you can orientate yourself in a targeted manner. Only the RealityMaps app offers that! Another important security aspect: The 3D aerial map can also be used without a mobile phone connection. We believe that you will no longer want to do without RealityMaps on tour.

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Route planner PRO

Route planning 3.0 with photo-realistic maps

Your advantages at a glance

Over 5,000 tours, including over 3,000 from the mountain experts at Bergverlag Rother

Import tracks from other outdoor portals (GPX)

Import tracks recorded with the RealityMaps app

Plan routes yourself and import them into the app (shortly)


Route planner PRO - unlimited adventures

Photo-realistic 3D aerial image maps are ideal for vacation planning and the preparation of hiking, mountain and bike trips in the Alps. The 3D map is even more impressive on the screen of a PC or laptop.

In the free version you have more than 5,000 trips with a short description and height profile to choose from. Follow the trails automatically using the fly to feature. You will definitely find a suitable adventure for you!


In the commercial PRO version includes route descriptions taken from almost 100 books published by Bergverlag Rother and other partners. The route planner PRO is free of charge for RealityMaps app subscription.


Can't find a suitable trip in your region? In the PRO version you can import tracks from other outdoor portals (GPX format) into the RealityMaps app with just one click. Immediately explore the new route in the real landscape. 


NEW - unique hill shaded topographic map


In addition to the photo-realistic aerial image map, our trip planner also offers a detailed topographic map in 3D, with geographic names and contour lines. This is another very helpful tool for planning. We created this unique map by overlaying the detailed elevation model created from aerial imagery with the topographic map.


You can simply switch between the different maps in 2D and 3D and explore the landscape interactively. So you gain completely new insights into the mountain ranges of the Alps! For example, you can follow the entire route to the top of Matterhorn and explore all difficult spots. 


Can't find a suitable trip in your region? In the PRO version you can import tracks from other outdoor portals (GPX format) into the RealityMaps app with just one click. Immediately explore the new route in the real landscape.

Mountaineers can prepare particularly well with the photo-realistic 3D map. The PRO version includes routes to over 750 well-known peaks. They come from the well-known red mountain guides of the Bergverlag Rother. Using the map, you can better estimate the difficulties and possible variants. A well-known and popular mountain hike leads through the Höllental to the highest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze. The right equipment from crampons to rockfall helmets should not be missing here.

The Alps offer an almost endless selection of easy, intermediate and demanding hiking trips. Use the photo-realistic maps to get inspiration and maybe explore new areas that were not previously on your list. A popular hiking area near Munich is the Kampenwand in the Chiemgau Alps. It is only 1,669 m high, but offers a multitude of possibilities. How about a simple panorama tour starting a the top station of Kampenwandbahn? Or maybe a somewhat longer trail with numerous viewpoints and alpine pastures? 

Cycling or mountain biking through the Alps requires strength and endurance. The best thing to do is to look at your desired trip in the photo-realistic map and adapt your plans according to your abilities and ideas. You can find out from the map and the respective tour description which routes are particularly suitable for mountain bikes or eBikes and how the incline and route are. You can reach the mountain hut on Herzogstand with a fantastic view on your mountain bike. If you want to get to the summit, then this is a rather demanding bike & hike tour from Kochelsee at 600 m via the Kesselberg to the Walchensee and finally up to the Herzogstand at 1.731 meters.


On you way in the Alps: what needs to be considered?

The route planner is ideal to prepare your next adventure, as you can use the aerial photos and the 3D terrain to assess the character and the difficulties. You may recognize potentially dangerous places e.g. for rockfalls or avalanches and you can choose safe routes and variants depending on the season.


Technical equipment and good planning are one thing, very practical preparations are another. In the mountains, suitable footwear, clothing and other tools appropriate to the altitude and the weather, such as trekking poles or rope and crampons, are mandatory. You can also find out what you need where and what local surprises in the form of narrow paths, rocky outcrops or mountain ridges await you in the route planner. 


The award-winning RealityMaps app is the perfect tool for orientation outdoors in the mountains. Even in bad weather such as fog or at night you can orientate yourself in a targeted manner. Only RealityMaps offer that! Another important security aspect: The 3D aerial map can also be used without a mobile phone connection.You will no longer want to do without the RealityMaps on any tour. We wish you lots of fun in the Alps!

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